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Me and Millions of my closest friends

Botched Oath of OfficeImage by Prince Roy via FlickrAccording to Daily Kos a Gallup poll shows that 60% of Americans managed to see the Inauguration live in person or on TV or the Internet while another 20% saw later tapings or broadcasts.

Six in 10 Americans tuned in live to the presidential inauguration ceremonies on Tuesday. Another 20% heard or read news reports of the event while 20% caught none of it.

The live audience included 70% of nonworking Americans, but also 53% of those currently employed -- suggesting that many workers either took the day off or had the opportunity to watch or hear the ceremonies at work.

Americans were clearly more interested in the inauguration of Barack Obama than they were in George W. Bush's second inauguration four years ago. In 2005, only 40% of Americans said they watched or heard the inaugural ceremonies live.

As for the speech, 81 percent thought it was good or excellent, 12 percent thought it was "just okay", and the 3 percent of dead-enders who braved the speech hated it. The 20 percent who skipped any coverage of the speech constitute the rest of the Bush dead-enders. Too bad they couldn't share in America's big celebration.

I'm pleased to say I got to see it live anchored on MSNBC by two of my favorites: Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddow. Michael managed to catch it thanks to his boss who brought over a portable TV so he could watch live on the networks.

Roberts Takes a Mulligan

President Chester Alan Arthur of VermontImage via WikipediaWhether it had some legitimacy as a concern or was simply meant to assuage the fears and paranoia of the Conspiracy Theory Queens, President Obama and Chief Justice John Roberts had a do-over of the Oath of Office yesterday afternoon in the Map Room of the White House. The Obama folks downplayed the redo as simply an abundance of caution. But that didn't stop nitwits like Chris Wallace from going apeshit and saying we didn't have a President at all yesterday. Newsflash Christi, as Mr. Oberman put it so eloquently, President Obama was POTUS at 12 noon ET regardless of if he was taking the Oath of Office or taking a bath.

BTW: This has happened twice before with Calvin Coolidge and Chester A. Arthur.

This Is a Way Cool House!

So what were the First Kids doing while Mom and Dad were dancing over and over and over and over to the first bars of "At Last"? They had some friends over from their new school to the White House where they watched movies (remember the White House has a theater) and then participated in a Scavenger Hunt to learn about the history of their new home. On the last leg of the hunt the group of tweens opened a door to find the Jonas Brothers ready to greet them. So that's what those high pitched screams and giggles were!

Maybe He Can Learn
Stacy Kerr from Speaker Pelosi’s office was standing by the coat rack, trying to stay out of the way, when the congressional leadership was greeting then-President Bush on his arrival at the Capitol. All of a sudden, the President came over, holding his coat. When Stacy realized no one was taking his coat, she asked, "Mr. President, may I take your coat for you?" He responded: "No, thanks. I’m tryin’ to learn to do things myself." (
That's What Those Clouds Were

Somehow this observation seems terribly literary, but I'll make it anyway. On Tuesday as President Obama renewed our hope in America the weather here in Tucson was beautiful. It was 80 degrees and sunny. Yesterday I woke to a gray day with dark clouds gathering to the north. It was hot and still and I even commented to Michael that if I were back in SC I'd swear it was "Tornado Weather." Little did I realize the Jan Brewer, Arizona's Secretary of State, and our entry into the dumbest people to hold office game, was being sworn in as our Governor in Phoenix - to my north. Foreshadowing? I hope not, but probably.

It's Not Our Fault

Oh, those Crazy Christians. They're all upset that Lifetime is airing "Prayers of Bobby" about the gay son of a conservative "Christian" family who commits suicide because of the pressures he faces from his parents. Pam's House Blend has a nice explanation of what's going on with FoF as they gear up to protest this story. But, honestly, it's not that "the redemptive power of Jesus" is being left out of the story it's that the destructive power of asshole religion is being left in. Hey, Christian's who want to "change" LGBT people: STFU and and quit screwing up your kids and driving them to suicide. You listening to me, Chad Connelly, you POS I went to High School with?

Gay Families Might Scare the Straights

Proving once more that wingnuts come in all forms, KABC-TV refused to run an ad from that featured two gay men raising six children together. The numbskulls at the station said that the ad was "too controversial because families would be watching." Oh, you mean families like the one you think is to horrible to be shown on TV. Families like those? Or maybe you mean the families like the one in the previous tidbit where the "good Christian" parents drive their kids to suicide? Maybe those? Schmucks.

Christian Nutjobs Apoplectic

Those poor Christians, why can't they accept the fact that ignorance and superstition are "changeable behaviors" and there is hope for the salvation for stupidity and fear?

The new site lists President Obama's LGBT agenda and it's got these boys (and girls) all out of whack. Matt "Cuddly Bear" Barber joined the "my head is exploding" crowd who must have been hitting their refresh button every two seconds waiting for something about LGBT people to hit the site so they could pour out some good ole fashioned Christian hate and intolerance:
The gravity of this situation cannot be overstated. Right out of the shoot, Obama has told the world that he is signing off, without exception, on every demand of the extremist homosexual and transsexual lobbies. The radical homosexual agenda and religious and free speech liberties cannot occupy the same space. It’s a zero-sum game. When 1 - 2 percent of the population is granted special rights based on deviant sexual proclivities and changeable sexual behaviors, to the detriment of everyone else, that’s called tyranny of the minority. People of faith and those of you with traditional values: hold on to your hats – it’s going to be a bumpy four years.
But, Matt gets LOTS of special rights for his deviant and changeable religious behavior. Hmmm, maybe we can pull all those special rights about discrimination and taxes so he can not have to be hypocritical everytime he opens his big mouth. Actually, Matt, I'm really tired of the Radical Christian Agenda that wants to put people like you in charge of every aspect of everyone else's private lives. Say it with me class: STFU!

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