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Super Secret Straight Identity

Just as the Gays welcome their first open Superhero, the straight world answers back. Well, not directly.

It seems the folks who think playing with Civil Rights at the ballot box is peachy keen have hit on an idea to raise more money as they seek to make their bigotry retroactive. Pam's House Blend reports a new round of slick money appeals that promise complete anonymity for donors so they don't have to worry about making their hate and bigotry public.

Guess it's sort of like that whole white sheet thing but with the checkbook.

No U-Haul Needed

Ford F350 U-Haul truck in Hampton, VA.Image via Wikipedia
Traditionally a small army of movers is hard at work during the Inaugural ceremony packing up the former President's belongings and moving in the new President's belongings. According to the Huffington Post that won't be necessary this time. George and Laura only have a few clothes and their luggage at the White House. Which begs the question, as often as they were gone and as bad as things were run - did they ever really move in at all?

Chris and Andy Sitting In a Tree...

French KissImage via WikipediaAt an inaugural party Christopher Hitchens and Andrew Sullivan managed to embarrass themselves and us with a little display of stereotypical behavior. Hitchens was carrying on about the Bush policy of torture: "As long as it's agreed that these steps were taken in response to public demand," he began, only to be interrupted by Andrew Sullivan, who greeted him with a hug and a kiss. "I want tongue. Give me tongue," Hitchens implored, to no avail. "No, I'm not giving you tongue," Sullivan replied, feigning astonishment. "Let the record show: Sullivan wouldn't give tongue," Hitchens replied. ("He's gayer than I am!" Sullivan later told us.) (Huffington Post)

Come on girls, butch it up a little bit please. I'm all for being out but one should not stop in the midst of giving a quote about torture to propose french kissing a fellow right wing pundit.

A Different Type of Stimulus Plan

According to the Huffington Post, Obama's presidency is already bringing hope for an economic boom to at least one profession.
A brief phone survey yesterday of D.C.-area hookers found on Craigslist revealed that Barack Obama's inauguration is inspiring great hopes -- for their business. A pair who work together expect 30 clients before Wednesday, all paying $200 a pop. Meeka, 21, a "sexy southern belle, new to town," has come into the city specially for the festivities. "I'm busy over the weekend," she told us. "I could make time for you, though." Karina, 26, traveled five hours to get here, and was already "pretty booked up."
Maybe this whole economic recovery thing won't take long at all, but I am worried about how this might intersect with "trickle down" economics. That's probably extra, though.

Double Shot Esspresso with an Eggroll

Starbucks logoImage via WikipediaU.S. coffee chain Starbucks, keen to boost business in China, is brewing ahead of the Lunar New Year a limited-edition blend that includes, for the first time, Chinese beans.

The "South of the Clouds" blend, named after the Mandarin meaning of the semi-tropical, southwestern Yunnan Province, was unveiled in Singapore on Monday, a week after its Greater China debut, said Starbucks' Beijing spokeswoman Caren Li.

The coffee blends arabica beans from Latin America, Asia Pacific and the western Baoshan region of Yunnan, the main coffee-growing province in China, the ancient homeland of tea.

No word if you can get whipped cream and a shot of melamine in your Vente.

Chablis Gets Kicked Out of High School

Poor Chablis. I know the girlfriend has been kicked out of a lot of places. I personally helped kick her out of a bar one time when she decided to dip into a collection for an AIDS charity because she needed to pay a fine for shoplifting.

But now she's been kicked out of a high school library in North Dakota. Well, not personally but John Berendt's book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil that features her. According to the Gay Rights Blog at
The cover of the 1994 novelImage via WikipediaConservative activists in Beulah, North Dakota have successfully lobbied their local school board to ban the book, "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil," from the library of Beulah High School. The book, a 1994 megaseller by John Berendt, is about a murder in Savannah, Georgia of a male hustler. The suspect is a local wealthy art dealer. And The Lady Chablis is also a character.

That was enough for two parents, who admittedly haven't read the book (other than the first chapter to mark what they said was "offensive" language), to petition the school board. And last week the school board listened, voting 4-3 to ban the book - the first book ever banned from the high school library. And here's the kicker - not only have the two parents not read the book in its entirety, but the four school board members who voted to ban the book haven't read it, either.

Oh well, I've never read any of Anne Coulter's books either, but I'm pretty sure we should just ban them from libraries too. So, care to step up to the plate there, you good illiterates of Beulah, North Dakota?

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