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Here are today's yummy treats (one of which is literal):

What's In a Name?

American politician Tony Perkins.Image via WikipediaAccording to Politico GOP Congressman Steve King is complaining that Barack Obama, as tradition dictates, will be sworn in with his full name. That means the use of the middle name, Hussein, which Rep. King thinks isn't kosher:

The congressman says he doubts Obama's sincerity when he explained that he chose to use his middle name so as to be historically consistent with past inaugurations, when America has heard the full names of its presidents echo from the inaugural stand.

"Whatever his reasons are," King said, "the one he gave us could not be the reason."

He continued: "The society is a little strange about this. If you're speaking the truth and in an effort to be objective, there should be nothing off limits in a free society, [but] there are many biases building and clearly a double-standard."

Is it just me or is anyone else noticing a horror movie theme in the naming of right wingnuts? We have Tony Perkins (Psycho), we have Steve King (novelist), and thanks to my warped mind we have Peter "They're coming to get you" LaBarbera. Maybe it's just that I find these idiots much more scary than any monster hiding under the bed.

The Doughnut as Political Statement (Part Deux)

We all know that Rick Warren deflected his opposition to civil rights for LGBT people by telling us he'd served us homos doughnuts when we picketed his church.

Krispy Kreme doughnuts being made at the Krisp...Image via WikipediaNow Judie Brown of the American Life League has waxed psychotic because Krispy Kreme will be handing out free doughnuts to celebrate Obama's inauguration. Unfortunately, the company dared to use the most evil word in the English language (besides gay) according to nutcase Judie. They dared to celebrate American Freedom by providing each customer with their "free doughnut of choice."

According to Judie the moron having a choice of doughnut flavor is tantamount to supporting abortion because if you can choose a doughnut flavor you can choose to have an abortion. Here, she can explain it better:
"The next time you stare down a conveyor belt of slow-moving, hot, sugary glazed donuts at your local Krispy Kreme you just might be supporting President-elect Barack Obama's radical support for abortion on demand – including his sweeping promise to sign the Freedom of Choice Act as soon as he steps in the Oval Office, Jan. 20."
Oh Judie, could you have made eating a Krispy Kreme anymore delightful than allowing me to know that as I savor that hot doughy goodness I am also pissing you off to no end and telling you to shove it? Oh, what sweet delights.

Let It Go Down with the Ship

DENVER - AUGUST 26:  Randall Terry of Florida ...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeOne of the best exchanges on abortion I ever saw in the entertainment world was in "The Birdcage" where Nathan Lane's character goes Jonathan Swift on Gene Hackman's conservative senator. He suggests that the anti-abortion radicals stop killing doctors who "are only doing their job" and instead start killing the mothers who want to get an abortion. When faced with incredulous looks he continues: "Oh I know what you're thinking: "Kill the mother and the fetus dies too. Well, it's going to be aborted anyway so I say let it go down with the ship!"

Anyway, in the past several years the home grown anti-abortion terrorists have been fairly quiet. Unfortunately, it sounds like that could be over soon. Randall Terry, nutcase extraordinaire, signaled in an interview that his group might be considering a return to terrorism and murder in the near future as they are continually thwarted in the court of public opinion, the courts of law, and the halls of government.
If someone was going to be killed on the other side of the glass here, we only have two appropriate reactions. One is to scream our lungs out, and the other is physical intervention. So, where the pro-life movement is failing and where the line of answer that father gave and what we do agree is we want to end child-killing. But where the line of reason falls is that the pro-life movement has failed to meet this holocaust with actions and rhetoric that are equal to the crime.
Just one of the jewels to spill from Terry's mouth during an interview on "Talk of the Nation." Does this mean we can expect an uptick in bombings, shootings and other domestic terrorism acts? If so, will Mr. Terry be pursued more vigorously than we have pursued another religious extremist who promotes violence, Osama bin Laden? We can only hope. At least we know where Terry is.

Abstinence Clowns

We all knew it was just a joke. When the whole abstinence education thing hit and kids were told to cross their legs and think about Jesus until they got married we were sure the people who came up with the idea were clowns.

Now we have proof! Derek Dye is a clown. No, he's really a clown of the juggling, stupid magic tricks, balloon animals variety. He is also paid to go into schools and do idiotic and lame routines promoting "abstinence" where he tells kids things like using a condom is like "juggling machetes."

From Amplify Your Voice: As clownish as Dye’s words may sound to you, they are unfortunately not rare ones for young people to hear in classrooms all over the country. Thanks to George W. Bush and a complicit Congress, we currently spend $1.5 billion a year to fund abstinence-only until marriage sex education in our public schools. And yes, that money goes to people like Derek Dye, as he is employed by the Elizabeth New Life Center that received a $800,000 CBAE grant in 2007 to promote abstinence until marriage. His qualifications? A “Bachelor of Fun Arts” from Barnum Bailey Clown College, and an abstinence educator certification that can be purchased for $50.
Progressive Puppy has more info and a neato Youtube video of Dye in all his lame glory.

Common British Lad

Queerty has a nice quickie on MP Chris Bryant the Deputy leader of the British House of Commons who recently had some photos from his Gaydar account start making the rounds on the Interweb. Poor Chris seems to have taken a lot of flack over the photos of him posing in his tightie whities.

According to Bryant the whole thing was "horrible" but he also noted: "We had a general election since then and I increased my majority, so my constituents … they certainly know everything there is to know about me."

Which just goes to show, sometimes flashing a little skin can be a plus even in politics. Did anyone else notice the further uptick in Obama's approval rating after his shirtless pics in Hawaii?

Chris Bryant seems to be one of those people who looks better in his undies than in his conservative suit. Heck, I'd vote for him. But he should really invest in a camera with a timer. Anyway, Queerty has the details.

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