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Those Dang Gay Nazis!

Images of Nazi Germany...Image by Sherlock77 (James) via FlickrMichael Newdow has made ripples with the usual Quixotic lawsuit to stop Rick Warren from delivering a prayer at the inauguration citing church and state separation. Although, the suit has a snowball's chance on a June Arizona afternoon, it did manage to get a hearing.

Warren looked of course to the extreme right wing to defend his right to pray at us next week. Who did he choose? None other than Kevin Snider of the Pacific Justice Institute (another of those Orwellian named right wing groups).

If you aren't familiar with Snider, the equated voting to strip LGBT people of their civil rights to standing up to Adolph Hitler and the Nazis in Germany.

"There was another time in history when people, when the bell tolled. And the question was whether or not they were going to hear it. The time was during Nazi Germany with Adolf Hitler. You see he brought crowds of clergy together to assure them that he was going to look after the church. And one of the members, bold and courageous, Reverend Niemoller made his way to the front and boldly said "Hitler, we are not concerned about the church. Jesus Christ will take care of the church. We are concerned about the soul of Germany." Embarrassed and chagrined, his peers quickly shuffled him to the back. And as they did Adolf Hitler said, "The soul of Germany, you can leave that to me." And they did, and because they did bombs did not only fall upon the nation of Germany, but also upon the church and their testimony to this very day. Let us not make that mistake folks. Let us hear the bell! Vote on Proposition 8!" (video of speech)

Hey, who said logic had anything at all to do with the thought processes of these morons?

Speaking of Adolph Hitler...

The New Jersey parents who named their son Adolph Hitler Campbell have had their three children removed by the state's family services agency. Heath and Deborah Campbell received a flurry of media attention last month when a Greenwich supermarket refused to write his name on a birthday cake, saying that it was inappropriate. The parents demanded an apology, the store refused. The bakery department at a local Wal-Mart ended up inscribing the cake.

Last week Sgt. John Harris with the Holland Police escorted staff members of New Jersey's Division of Youth and Family Services into the Campbell home to investigate a complaint related to the Campbell’s three children - Adolph Hitler Campbell, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell. (Progressive Puppy)
Funny or What?

Image representing Funny Or Die as depicted in...Image via CrunchBaseA few weeks ago the website pissed off the Ultra Right royally with their "Prop 8: The Musical" sketch. Now they are making amends in a big way by partnering with a new venture by Matt Daniels the founder of the Alliance for Marriage and the main force behind the Federal Marriage Amendment.

Funny Or Die, denies there is any reason to be concerned by giving Daniels a platform but many of the other gay friendly partners of the site might disagree. Could deciding to step away from funny in favor of appeasing the Right Wing mean the site might die? (OK, that was a stretch for a cute ending, sorry.)

They're Coming to Get You Barbera...

Explaining why LGBT people shouldn't be allowed to host inaugural parties or balls, Wingnut Peter LaBarbera (ding, ding... gaydar!) had the following to say:
"I think most Americans would be put off if they knew what went on at these parties. Every special interest group has a ball of some sort, but this is not just any special interest group. More than half the country considers their behavior immoral." —Peter LaBarbera
Right, like John Waters is going to be in the back room with Bruce Villanche and the cast of Chi Chi La Rue's latest porn spectacle. But, then again, judging from someone named "Peter LaBarbera" maybe he knows more than we do about what goes on in the back room!

BTW: I like the "Night of the Living Dead" reference so much that it shall always be used when I need to reference Pete.

What About the Boy?

Marriage Equality U.S.A has a report out that says, in the wee voice of a child, "Prop. 8 Hurt My Family, Ask Me How" that will probably get your blood boiling. We get mad about having our rights away, but we forget how hard this must be for gay parents and their kids. But with stories about how "My six-year old, the day after we lost Prop 8, asked me, with tears running down his face, if we were still a family", the report brings home [literally], the sort of real-life damage Prop. 8 is doing, covering the individual stories of over 1,200 people. (Queerty)

BTW: I'm miffed they got to the Pink Floyd reference first when they titled their piece "Hey, Preacher! Leave Those Kids Alone!" Therefore, I had to resort to The Who and Tommy for mine. Well, played Queerty!

Filed Under: Had to Happen

You knew it was coming, I knew it was coming and anyone who didn't know it was coming must be under a rock. It was announced that Michael Smith an openly gay Interior Designer will be decorating the White House for the Obamas. I don't even have anything else about this one. It's just too obvious.

Not So Fast, Faggots!

Putting a stop to the notion that the AFA doesn't actually hate gay people and they just are miffed over us wanting to use the word marriage...

"Six weeks after passing a gay rights law, the Kalamazoo City Commission has voted to rescind it. The commission voted Dec. 1 to make it a civil offense in the city of 7,200 to discriminate in housing, public accommodations or employment based on sexual orientation or being transgender.

The American Family Association of Michigan submitted petitions with about 1,600 signatures seeking the law's repeal. If officials found at least 1,273 signatures valid, the commission would have had to rescind the law or put it on the ballot.

The commission voted 7-0 Monday night to rescind it." [AP]

Those religious types have to make damn sure that you can't discriminate against people in housing, public accommodations or employment based on RELIGION (a completely personal lifestyle choice) but you can discriminate based on SEXUAL ORIENTATION (a completely inherent characteristic). Yeah, can y'all just stop with the "we don't hate gays" shtick, it's kind of old when you really, really, really, really do.

You know, if we're going to keep doing this, can we just take "religion" off all the anti-discrimination laws so we can all damn well discriminate against Christians in hiring, housing, and renting a hotel room? Please?

Maine for Marriage

Color me surprised but it seems that Maine has decided to buck the trend of enacting laws to outlaw gay marriage and actually try to enact one to make it legal. No, you didn't have a stroke, they are actually introducing a bill to legalized same sex marriage in Maine.

Boiled Lobster dish served for the photographe...Image via Wikipedia"Sen. Dennis Damon said he is introducing a bill to rewrite Maine's existing statute that defines marriage as between one man and one woman, instead defining it as a union between two people. In addition, it recognizes gay marriages from other states.

Damon, D-Trenton, answered critics who questioned the timing of the bill as lawmakers face a $838 million shortfall by saying it's "long overdue."

"Currently there is discrimination. Heterosexual couples who have decided to spend their lives together are treated differently than same-sex couples who have … that same commitment to each other," Damon said. "I don't see the fairness of that. I don't see the need for that, and this bill will put an end to that." (Boston Globe)

Expect the Christians to follow Leviticus 11 for the first time as they will undoubtedly launch an immediate boycott of Maine Lobster (an unclean shellfish according to the Bible) to express their hatred and disapproval. At least we can get them actually following their own preaching for a change instead of just insisting the rest of us follow their silly book while they ignore it.

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