Delicious Tidbits

IMG_3060Image by jessebucksc via FlickrHere are some stories worth noting:
  • Everyone's favorite fat pop-psych fake Dr. Phil invited FOF lackeys Glenn Stanton and "Dr." Joseph Nicolosi to provide "therapy" for a family with a transgendered teen. Result? More harm than good and proof that if you have a TV show you can get away with stuff that would get you sued if you were actually a doctor and had a real practice. Gee Oprah, thanks for loosing this nutjob on the world.
  • Peter LaBarbera weighs in on the decision to include Eugene Robinson in the Inauguration ceremonies, calling it a "tragic departure from America's godly, Judeo-Christian heritage" while Tony Perkins calls Robinson "divisive," saying the move was "designed to placate angry liberals." For his part, Rick Warren applauded the decision.
  • AFA launched a boycott against Pepsi for its donations to the Human Rights Campaign and Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays ... though they had no complaints last month when Pepsi partnered with Liberty University.
  • Filed under "I knew I wasn't High!": A paper has unearthed an old candidate survey that Barack Obama took in 1996 where he stated that he "supported same sex marriage and would fight against laws to prohibit it." I remembered seeing that when he ran for Senate and it's why I supported him early on, until, he pulled a John Kerry and tacked to the Right on the issue to get elected.
  • Ted Haggard has introduced a whole new class into the sexuality universe. Denying that he is "bisexual" or "homosexual" the reformed Mr. Haggard who got caught in flagrane delicto with a gay hustler now considers himself "heterosexual but with issues." No, really, I'm not kidding. He's HBWI.
  • Kanye West gives us a little backhanded compliment: "Gays really be knowin' how to dress. … People always try to discredit gays altogether, because they're gay, but they really good at dressin'." My, I'm flattered since in my middle age years more of my clothes come from Wal-Mart than trendy boutiques. But, here's something else Mr. West. Many of us Gays really know how to use the English language. Perhaps that is something you might try to emulate in the future as well.
  • Filed under:"More Intellectual Masturbation": Queerty wastes time asking the question "are white gay people racist?" and then hearing all the queens whine about dating or not dating various people of different backgrounds in their responses. Hey, lots of people didn't date me because I was too fat. I think a bunch of hot guys should have proved gay men aren't fatphobic by sleeping with me back then. Eye roll and sigh...
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