Cowardly Gays

This photograph appeared in the front page of ...Image via WikipediaI love cowards who mask their fear of confrontation in retro-hippy terms. Take Colin who responded to a wonderful post on about how ludicrous it is to keep insisting that LGBT people "make amends" to the very religious zealots who abuse us physically, mentally, politically, and yes, even sexually at times.

Eventually. Slowly. Finally. People can be educated. But only if you address them on their terms and with love and compassion. Reason and logic in the abstract are never going to be nearly so powerful as empathy.
Oh, yes, that works so well. The slick millionaire preachers who need us desperately to keep their donation boxes filled to the brim are just going to magically find it in their hearts to cease all opposition because we invited them for brunch and gave them decorating tips for the McMansion Parsonage.

Sister, get real. These people labor under the idea that the leaders of these right wing groups actually have real convictions. I don't believe Rick Warren truly believes his God stuff. He's a con-man and a slick operator. Maybe he started out believing all that stuff but right now his focus is on keeping his empire afloat. Face it, religion is big business in America. These guys need a demon and we're a good one because we're very different. It's not call to go after different races because, well, you need them to increase the bottom line. So, who does that leave? The one group that all the bigots of all the various races can agree on - the faggots.

Here's an even better coward, Taylor:

We voted for something new. We voted to try something different. YES WE CAN yell and scream and burn fat effigies of Warren. We can even be cleverly offensive by using photoshop to superimpose his, well, you get the point. None of those things will acheive a conciliatory result.

It's time to educate. We have got to approach this issue from directions we've never tried before. Some wars can not be won with a barrage of artillary or vitriol or rioting in the streets.

Why does this one want a "conciliatory result"? I don't care if Rick Warren, Pat Robertson or any of the others ever love me. I think it's unreasonable and incredibly childish to think that everyone in the world, given enough time and information, will somehow become your best friend. It's the unpopular girl in High School approach to Civil Rights. I'm just surprised Taylor didn't suggest we do Rick's homework for him or carry his books to class.

I don't give a rat's ass about Warren and I don't give a rat's ass about whether people in his church love me. What I care about is stopping this idiotic idea that civil rights can be put up for popular vote. That affects everyone in states where it is allowed regardless of sexuality, race, religion, or any other factor. It's stupid and it's un-American.

I don't care whether churches want to have me as a member. I think, personally, religion is one of the stupidest inventions in our history as a species. It causes more problems than it has ever corrected. What I do care about is making sure that our guarantees of equal protection under the law are fulfilled as required by the Constitution. What I do care about is that religious people are not given special rights and protections unless all people in all groups are as well.

This pandering to the Right must cease if we are to get anywhere. It is not Rick Warren or his followers we need to engage. We need to put pressure on the folks who can actually do something about the issues. That means making them take notice of the only thing that scares politicians - civil unrest.

You can have your tea party with Rev. Warren and maybe in the process impress upon him that Hawaiian shirts really are not flattering to his physique, but while you're doing that, let those of us who aren't afraid of him and don't crave his approval like a teenage girl with a crush get something accomplished with some yelling, screaming, and true political pressure.

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