Civil Partnerships Website Intentionally Misleading

According to Gino Meriano and Phillip Cotton who single handedly make up the whole "Civil Partnerships" movement in Arizona and have tricked gullible media outlets both straight and gay they speak for everyone their proposal with the stroke of a pen would set right all sorts of things including:
* Tax benefits, including inheritance tax
* Ability to make medical decisions for their civil partner
* Employment benefits
* Most state and occupational pension benefits
* Hospital visitation rights of civil partners
* Income-related benefits, tax credits and child support
* Duty to provide reasonable maintenance for your civil
partner and any children of the partnership
* Ability to apply for parental responsibility for your civil
partner's child
* Inheritance of a tenancy agreement
* Right to inherit if a civil partner dies without a will
* Access to fatal accidents compensation
* Protection from domestic violence
* Recognition for immigration and nationality purposes
Now the problem with all of these is that they would require fiddling with dozens, if not hundreds of laws to make this work. Each law would have to be amended because many state categorically that "marriage" confers the right. Meriano and his friend think just sticking on "Civil Unions confer the rights and responsibilities of marriage" will suffice. It won't at all.

In addition many of the rights he talks about are Federal in nature and prohibited under DOMA to even gay married couples. If we get DOMA repealed then couples who are LEGALLY MARRIED will receive those rights. Couples who are in CIVIL UNIONS will not.

It appears that this whole plan is a money making scheme for Meriano and Cotton. This is abundantly clear in that everything to do with the movement carries their personal business names and links to their websites. Likewise, the main impetus seems to raise money. Originally the money was going into a Paypal account for "Cyclone Entertainment" but recently the account links were changed to go to none other than.... Pink Weddings, LLC - Gino Meriano's personal business account!

So, there's something rotten in the state of Denmark about this whole thing. Please, please, don't send money to this group or sign petitions. If you are contacted by media for a comment, please support full and equal marriage rights for LGBT people! These two guys could be a major disaster for the entire LGBT population of Arizona.

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