The Christian Paradigm

Pastor Rick Warren at Saddleback Church.Image via WikipediaOK, let me wrap my head around this.

According to Rick Warren, Hitler and Chairman Mao (among others) are great examples of leaders who are to be emulated in order to establish a totalitarian "Christian" government.

Meanwhile, innocuous people like Gene Warren who simply preach love and understanding are forces of Satan who will cause God to destroy our nation's capital if they are allowed to even be present at the Inauguration, much less actually pray.

Don't believe that Rick Warren, Obama's new bosom buddy and Melissa Etheridge's favorite dinner date think Hitler and Mao are the bomb? Take a listen to him addressing 30,000 crazed radical "Christians" 3 years ago:

Here are the important parts in case you missed them:

Here's what Warren says, exactly:

What is the vision for the next 25 years ? I'll tell you what it is.

It is the global expansion of the kingdom of God.

It is the total mobilization of his church.

And the third part is the goal of a radical devotion of every believer.

Now, I choose that word 'radical' intentionally, because only radicals change the world.

Everything great done in this world is done by passionate people.

Moderate people get moderately nothing done. And moderation will never slay the global giants. . ."

At which point he launches into a recitation of the achievements of past radicals -- notably, Hitler and Mao:

"In 1939, in a stadium much like this, in Munich Germany, they packed it out with young men and women in brown shirts, for a fanatical man standing behind a podium named Adolf Hitler, the personification of evil.

And in that stadium, those in brown shirts formed with their bodies a sign that said, in the whole stadium, "Hitler, we are yours."

And they nearly took the world.

Lenin once said, "give me 100 committed, totally committed men and I'll change the world." And, he nearly did.

A few years ago, they took the sayings of Chairman Mao, in China, put them in a little red book, and a group of young people committed them to memory and put it in their minds and they took that nation, the largest nation in the world by storm because they committed to memory the sayings of the Chairman Mao.

When I hear those kinds of stories, I think 'what would happen if American Christians, if world Christians, if just the Christians in this stadium, followers of Christ, would say 'Jesus, we are yours' ?

What kind of spiritual awakening would we have ?

This guy is just fucking scary and crazy. I'm sorry there is no other expletive that fits there.

Thanks to Crooks and Liars for the info.

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