But I Really Wanted to Be a Cop!

Pam's House Blend reports on a story from Indianapolis about a Transgender woman and her boyfriend who were murdered recently.

The local television station WTHR, an NBC affiliate assigned Steve Jefferson to cover the story. In his coverage, Jefferson made it a point to emphasize an "alternative lifestyle" and refused to refer to the victim, Taysia Elzy, by her chosen name, preferring instead to use a male name. He also refused to refer to her using female pronouns.

The lapse is a direct violation of the AP Guidelines for covering transgender people. Jefferson has been unrepentant for inserting his personal viewpoint into the story and has instead lashed out at those who have criticized him, including GLAAD, which gave him it's "Worst Journalist" award.

"I did not do this story based on lifestyle." Jefferson stated, "Our goal is to catch the killer- NOT promote your cause." He also said he did not use female pronouns because he said the transgender victim "was NOT post-op."

Undoubtedly, his professors in "media studies" forgot to teach him that his role as a journalist is NOT to catch the murderer but to report the facts of the case devoid of his personal politicial or religious bias.

According to Pam, the station has since made amends by instituting an educational session on LGBT issues and changing Mr. Jefferson's story to reflect the proper AP guidelines for reportage.

Too bad, they didn't fire this moron too. Why do I see him getting a job as the "spokesperson" for some anti-gay right wing group as the token black guy in the future?