Bush shoe sculpture taken down

The shoe sculpture honoring the journalist who threw a shoe at George W. Bush to express his contempt of Bush's policies in Iraq has been removed by local officials.

The monument was reportedly taken down just a day after being unveiled in the late Saddam Hussein's home town.
The head of the Childhood organisation, which owns the orphanage, said she had been told to remove the monument immediately by the Salaheddin Provincial Joint Coordination Centre.

"I did take the shoe down immediately and destroyed it, and I did not ask why," Shahah Daham told the German news agency DPA. (BBC News)
Oh well, at least it's good to see that the whole "democracy" thing and "freedom" thing that Bush kept patting himself on the back about establishing in Iraq has taken hold.

Oh wait, that IS the Republican idea of freedom and democracy... you get to do or say anything you want as long as you're praising them or promoting an agenda of exclusion and personal profit.
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