The Boys (and Girls) In the Band

Here they are, the folks from the Gay and Lesbian Band Association performing in the Inaugural Parade. They did a fantastic job on a bar with the best of the major university bands.

Of course, for those of us watching on CSPAN so we could see them in all their glory we also got to enjoy the delicious timing of two other units in the parade.

On the video you'll notice the Mobile, AL ladies in their rainbow colored hoopskirts following the band. However, just behind the ladies in rainbow dresses (who are NOT gay) was a high school band playing of all things: Somewhere Over the Rainbow. You couldn't ask for anything better!

Congrats guys and you did us all proud. And to whomever it is with the baton: You go girl!

The Gay and Lesbian Band Association performed in the Inaugural Parade for President and First Lady Obama.

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