Blaspheming Dr. King

In one of the strangest signals that the vision of equality and social justice has been co-opted by the mouthpieces of hatred and oppression, Rick Warren was given center stage in Dr. Martin Luther King's own Ebenezer Church in Atlanta today.

Warren traded in his usual Hawaiian shirt for a respectable suit as he tried desperately to corrupt Dr. King's message of equality to fit his own message of inequality and bigotry.

Warren's presence didn't go unnoticed. Protesters gathered outside the church to protest his fouling of Dr. King's pulpit with his hate inspired rhetoric while some protesters managed to get into the church where they stood and turned their backs on Warren and were escorted from the building by Warren's hosts.

How ironic on this day when we celebrate a true man of vision and justice by having to watch the antithesis of his philosophy address misguided and misled people from the great man's own podium.

I'm sure that Dr. King's wife, Coretta Scott King, who spoke so eloquently against people like Warren and in support of equality for LGBT people is rolling in her grave at what the current congregation did today to soil Dr. King's pulpit and memory.

Pam's House Blend has more info.

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