Beautifully Put!

As I was reading Progressive Puppy's coverage of the Robinson snub I came across this statement that could not better sum up my own feelings about this continued beat down:
You can mark this down in a red Crayola: Come Tuesday, Pastor Rick Warren's shrill voice of intolerance will be heard loud and clear across America and around the globe. There will be no sound system glitches (which were curiously absent both before and after Robinson's prayer) and no relegating Warren's "performance" to ceremonial insignificance. The Saddleback bigot's live-TV address (which will likely bring tears to his own eyes) will not only result in more publicity for this smug publicity hound, it will legitimize the beliefs of similar-minded homophobes and hatemongers everywhere. Warren may not know much about Christian love and compassion, but he does know a thing or two about working an audience. And once again, LGBT Americans get boned.
You know, a big part of me wants to jump up and down and celebrate and another part of me keeps feeling sick to my stomach because Warren will be given the national stage tomorrow and it appears that our representative was purposely cut out of even a minor event by Obama's people.

Maybe it's not really tainted peanut butter going around. Maybe it's all the people who are feeling gut punched while everyone else celebrates and takes their places at the table.

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