And Now a Word from Dethmama

Dethmama Chronicles follows the professional exploits of a hospice nurse. It also happens to be one of my favorite non-political blogs. Stories are recounted with humor and heart but she also covers items of informational interest including frequent posts by the "Insurance Guru" who talks about life as a claims processor for a major health insurance company.

Dethmama has also become a frequent visitor and commenter here as well. This morning I opened my email to find the following hilarious photo but also a wonderful statement of support for full marriage rights for LGBT Americans by Dethmama. Remember, a "Civil Union" is not a Civil Marriage it is a pale imitation of real and equal rights designed to make us feel better while codifying permanent second class citizen status!

Here's what Dethmama had to say:
"The gay/lesbian community deserves nothing less than civil marriage. This community is no less law-abiding, productive and taxpaying than "the straights". For the love of God, even incarcerated murderers are allowed a legally recognized marriage ceremony. Does the "religious right" address that?"
Pretty good, eh? Thanks Dethmama. It's folks like this who really help keep you courage up when you find yourself not only fighting the religious right for equality but also having to fight misguided people in your own community who are willing to settle for anything to feel included.


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