The Times of Harvey Milk

2008 Castro Street Fair artwork noting the 35t...Image via WikipediaSerendipity can be defined as a fortunate discovery of something while looking for something else entirely. Or, for those of us who are constantly browsing websites it could be defined as simply the way the Internet works. Of course, in popular culture it has come to mean a fortuitous coincidence.

Today, while a DVD of The Times of Harvey Milk sits in my player still, I noticed a post at The Progressive Puppy saying that the film was available online for free viewing. How interesting.

So, whether or not you've had a chance to see the incredible film Milk starring Sean Penn and brought to us by Gus Van Sant, please take a moment to view the original documentary from 1984 on this incredible man. You will find the information to be very beneficial if you plan to see the current movie or if you've already seen it but are interested in more information.

The documentary ends by mentioning the release of Dan White from prison. Michael asked me when we saw it why they didn't mention White's suicide. The reason for that is the documentary was released in 1984 and White did not off himself until 1985. At the time this film came out he was living in Los Angeles a free man after committing two execution style double murders.

So, here is the seminal documentary: The Times of Harvey Milk

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