SezWho Sayonara

I haven't used SezWho, a new rating/comment system much on this blog. However, I have tried it out on my Buck's Ghosts & Hauntings blog recently.

What I found was that the gadget didn't do much to increase participation at all. In fact, very few people rated the posts using the system. Then tonight when I visited my blog I began getting wild popups asking for my "credentials" to display images from Sezwho. Now, I don't know if someone over there messed up and password protected their image servers and thereby broke the whole thing but the continuous popup security screen made my blog unreadable. I tried it on my desktop and laptop with the same result. Entering even my Sezwho username and password did not make a difference so I figured it was a problem on their end.

Anyway, because it was an annoyance to anyone trying to read my blog I removed Sezwho completely. After tracking down the code I finally got the security prompt to stop and returned my blog to normal.

So, with such a major problem that served to kill my blog for God knows how long because someone messed up on their end, I won't be using Sezwho now or in the future. Hopefully, they can get their problems worked out but any tool that has the ability to make blogs unusuable because of a config error on their end isn't worth risking in my book. Sayonara SezWho.
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