Review: Compulsion by Jonathan Kellerman

Compulsion (Alex Delaware Series, #22)rating: 3 of 5 stars

As always I love the Alex Delaware novels by Jonathan Kellerman. Compulsion centers on strange murders that under normal circumstances would seem to be murder-for-hire. Unfortunately, the deeper Alex and his friend Milo Sturgis dig, the more confusing the motive seems. Those profiting from the murders don't seem to be aware of why the murders might have been committed and they also seem to be in danger at times from the killer. Then a seemingly unrelated murder ties the whole plot together.

Fast paced and an easy read, the book clicks along at a breakneck pace until suddenly - it seems to fizzle. The resolution comes too quickly and as too much of a coincidence. After building momentum the book suddenly ends with a chance encounter that left me feeling a bit let down.

Still, a nice read but it seemed that Kellerman either got tired of spinning the tale at the end or his editors wanted to shorten the novel and had him create an uninteresting and anti-climactic conclusion.

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