Please Stop Asking Me to Wait!

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - DECEMBER 10:  Rainbow fla...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeHere's a newsflash for all the self-appointed "Gay Community Leaders", "Gay Media Commentators", and the other sissies and cowards who are constantly telling the rest of us to just wait, chill out, cool off, "choose [our] battles wisely", and any of the other two thousand platitudes spouted in the past week since Obama's choice of Rick Warren to be de facto national pastor.

I'm tired of waiting.

I am tired of being lectured about how we should all just keep quiet and stroke the egos of those in power in hopes they'll one day do something for us.

I am exhausted from hearing about how the newer media slick bigots are a "big step forward" and are fundamentally different from people like Anita Bryant, Jerry Falwell, and Pat Robertson. I'm tired of hearing people in my own community justify the actions of people who will pretend to pat them on the back while thrusting a knife into their ribs. I am tired of being told to get in line or take a number.

I'm 42 years old. I'm not some 28 year old graduate student who lucked into a "community leader" job with Obama as the token gay staffer. I'm not out there cruising the bars or pretending that while I'm Gay the reason I don't have time for a partner is because I work too hard for the "community".

I have a partner, I've had a partner for 11 years. We've seen each other through cancer and a liver transplant. We've shared our ups and our downs. Yet, if something were to happen to him tomorrow or to me tomorrow the survivor would be in trouble. We can't share health insurance, we'd have to fight life insurance companies (if we could even afford it right now). We don't even get the "married" discount on our car insurance!

I'm tired of waiting for such ordinary things that my straight friends take for granted. I'm sick of hearing how I have to make nice with bigots in order to get the basic human dignity and rights most of the population takes for granted without a thought.

I'm sick of being lectured to by people who claim to be "leaders" but who don't lead. Instead they stand around trying to figure out how to best ingratiate themselves to the very people who use them and abuse them for their own purposes. I'm sick of "leaders" who are nothing more than dupes and morons for the Religious Right. I'm sick of "leaders" who obviously on some level believe that truly we aren't equal.

Otherwise, how could they continue to tell us to be quiet and just wait to see what happens. How could they tell us we have no right to voice our disapproval when a politician deliberately slaps us in the face after we supported him despite our own misgivings about his policies and beliefs?

No, to all the sissy "community leaders" out there who think it might be best to just tone it down and act like nothing happened with Obama and Warren I tell you this: I will not. I will not move to the back of the bus. I will not stop talking about our place in the world and I will not pretend that hate even dressed up in Hawaiian shirts and AIDS Charities is not hate.

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