Feinstein's Cool Statement

WASHINGTON - JANUARY 18:  (L-R) U.S. Sen. Russ...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeSenator Dianne Feinstein issued a cool statement about the Rick Warren Problem. In the concise statement by an aide :

"Sen. Feinstein obviously disagrees with the views of Rev. Warren on issues that affect the gay and lesbian community. However, Sen. Feinstein respects the president-elect's prerogative to select a cleric to deliver the invocation."

In other words, "Hey Barack, you screwed up royally and I'm not taking the fall for it!"

The statement came after Obama's staff tried to initially lay off the debacle of having a homophobic, bigoted, religious huckster like Rick Warren deliver the invocation at the Inauguration on the Congressional committee headed by Sen. Feinstein that oversees the ceremony.

However, as the Senator pointed out, they simply make the arrangements for the people the President-Elect chooses to include and do not choose those people themselves.

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