Dysfunctional Relationship

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Have you ever seen those stupid shows like Jerry Springer where they have a woman on who's in an abusive relationship? You sit there listening to her cry and moan about how terrible the boyfriend or husband is and then in the next breath professing her love and how much she'll stay with him no matter what?

Or what about those poor sots who go on and find that their boyfriend has been cheating and has six kids by another woman. They cry and moan about what a terrible guy he is then in the next breath profess they'll stand by him because one day he'll change.

What do those poor sorry sots have in common with the Gay Community? Quite a lot it seems. Over the past several months Barack Obama used LGBT Americans to get out the vote. He relied on our money, our energy, and our dedication to push his campaign along. Yet, once he was safely ensconced as the President-Elect he bitch slapped us by asking homophobic preacher Rick Warren to set the spiritual tone of his administration. Then when we raised a ruckus he slapped us down again telling us we shouldn't question his dedication. I sort of got the feeling that beneath that cool exterior the words he wanted to say were: "Bitches, don't you be talkin' back to me!"

But what have we heard from most of the "liberal" Democrats during this uproar? Well, they've echoed Obama's excuses for his straying to the hateful side of the room and reiterated the call for us to all sit down, shut up, and please step to the rear of the bus.

So, we moan and we cry about how betrayed we feel. But you know what? Come 2010 we'll be right back out there working for the Democratic Party machine. We'll be supporting Democratic candidates who couldn't care less about us as people and see us only as a political tool. Come 2012, we'll be right out there following along behind HRC and the other big organizations supporting Obama for re-election because, well, what other choice do we have?

Actually, we have plenty of choices. If we as an entire group simply refused to vote for a Democrat who was not Gay or Lesbian in the next elections they would have no chance of winning. Maybe then they would see that we're not a group to be toyed with any longer.

I've said it before and I'll say it again... it is high time that LGBT Americans stood up to both of the major parties and refused to just "go along" anymore. We can always vote for a third party or we can always sit home. Either way, the only thing that will ever get their attention is showing them that not only can we win them elections but if they screw us over then we can also insure they lose them as well.

That's power and gay people with power is a marvelous thing.

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