A Trip to Phoenix

Hospital sunsetImage by phxpma via FlickrIn the ongoing drug and health drama, last night I took a ride to Phoenix.

After Michael's BlogTalkRadio show, my face kept feeling very hot. I finally got up to take my temperature and discovered it was about a degree higher than normal. I waited about 5 minutes and tried again and found it had gone up another full degree.

Needless to say, I freaked out. Michael finally suggested we just drive to Banner Good Samaritan in Phoenix and have them check me over. This is in light of the fact that UMC still (as of 1:38 on Monday) not called with the results of the blood tests I had done on Friday morning.

So, off in the car we went to Phoenix. I was impressed by how quickly BGS worked in their ER. No hour long waits or anything. I saw a very nice doctor who understood my anxiety and what I'd been through. She checked me over thoroughly and said I showed no overt signs of rejection but she would run blood tests to make sure.

So, 45 minutes the later the verdict was in: no rejection seen. My white blood count was normal, AST and ALT were normal as well. The only glitches on the whole thing was a slight bilirubin rise, slightly high creatinine and glucose. However, she explained that these could have come from the stress I've been under and the fact I have not been eating and was dehydrated.

So, looks like things are working properly at least and I'm safe for now. She also suggested I call the program at BGS there in Phoenix and see about transferring to their care. I agreed and told her I'd planned to do that anyway.

Of course, my blood pressure was very high during all this and they waited after the results were back and I'd been told to see if it might decrease, but it didn't noticeably. So, she strongly suggested that I see about medication.

This morning I spoke to the folks at Roche who make Cellcept and my shipment should arrive no later than Thursday for them. Hopefully, the Prograf will be here tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest and crisis will have been averted.

Yet, I'm still finding myself hypervigilant and nervous. So, I'm probably going to have to see someone about the anxiety that doesn't seem to be letting up easily. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder some time ago, so this might have kicked it into high gear and I'll need help to get it under control. We'll see.

A special thanks to Insurance Guru for her kind support during the latter stages of all this and helping me make a little sense of some of the "insurance speak" I've been told recently.

Thanks also to Sandy and Jeff who came to my rescue as only the angelic beings they are could have.

Thanks to Michael for putting up with my being completely nuts for the past 2 weeks.

Deep breath.... and let's see what's next.

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