"Mandated Coverage"

Regence BlueShield SignImage by James Callan via FlickrThe insurance industry has "agreed" that if the Federal Government requires every American to buy and maintain their own health insurance (if not provided by an employer) that they'll go along with the idea and accept patients regardless of health history or disability. How white of them...

The problem is, if people can't afford their mainly non-existent coverage now, how are they going to afford it just because the government requires it?

In Michael's case he doesn't have health insurance through the place he works. They just don't offer it. Even if they did, he's a cancer survivor so getting covered would be next to impossible. We can't afford to buy insurance at this point because at the end of the month, we're lucky to have two nickels to rub together after paying for the basics like food, electricity, rent, and gas to drive him to and from work.

So, where is the money to line another insurance executive's pockets going to come from? A tax credit? What good is a tax credit when you don't have the money from month to month to pay the bills?

No, this idea is just another corporate bailout just like the prescription drug program that is designed not to really help the citizens of this country but rather to pay off the big corporations and insure a continued flow of money.

Sure, they'll "accept" everyone, but getting a claim paid would probably be impossible. It's hard enough as it is to navigate things when private, for profit companies get involved in your healthcare, do we really expect that this will change because the government makes us all buy insurance from them?

No, the solution is not giving them more money, it is doing away with the for profit insurance scheme we currently have in this country. That is the only solution to providing care for the millions of Americans who can't afford healthcare now.

The insurers keep whining that "people just won't buy insurance" but the fact is that people can't afford their plans that provide any measure of real health coverage. The plans that most working people could afford without choosing between food and rent are worthless scams.

No, mandated coverage to bail out AIG and other insurance companies is not the answer to this problem and I hope President-Elect Obama has the good sense not to fall for another corporate sponsored disaster.
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