Joe the Tax Evader

So, what's the deal with Joe Wurzelbacher, the new darling of the racist right?

42921942 It appears that Joe ain't what he seems. According to the NY Times investigation, Joe has a couple liens on his property for not paying his taxes, he's not licensed as a plumber or anything else, he's a registered Republican, he lied about his membership in the Plumbers Union on his "Facebook" page, and the name on his voting registration doesn't match the name he uses.

Huh... how interesting. The Daily Kos did a a little digging and turned up the fact that Joe might even have ties to McCain's old cohorts in the S&L scandal.

Does anyone else smell a plant and a fraud being perpetrated by McCain on his gullible and angry mob?

If nothing else, this shows how pitiful John McCain, once a giant in the Senate has become as he sells his soul to the far right, his racist base and big money interests intent on protecting their tax breaks by making sure the folks at the bottom pay even more in taxes.

Want the real deal? If Joe were a real guy he'd be paying less than half in taxes under Obama than under McCain. Of course, that's if he paid taxes at all, which he doesn't.

Then he made matters worse by saying that Obama "tap dances" better than "Sammy Davis, Jr." What a piece of work.

Wonder if he's sorry he took the Republican shilling and decided to lie on national TV and let McCain make him a character in his theater of the absurd?