Workin' for the Weekend

OK, so I'm not working this weekend, but it's a catchy title. I did complete my first two days in my job this past week, however.

I began on Thursday and spent the better part of the day just having all the various steps of the billing process explained to me. Late in the day I actually sat down under my co-worker's supervision and did part of the actual billing for procedures.

On Friday, I again watched and took notes for much of the day since I will be on my own, more or less the end of next week. By afternoon I was in the middle of trying to convince the tech folks to finish setting up the proper programs and access for my use. So far, I'm still waiting on access to two critical systems and hope they can manage to get it straightened out Monday.

Near the end of the day I did some of the billing on my own. Then it was time to knock off for the day.

So far I'm enjoying it. The girls I work with are all very nice and we seem to be getting along pretty well.

So, tomorrow I start my first full week and by Wednesday I'll have to take over the billing for the rest of the week as my trainer is going to be out of town for several days as she prepares to move to Georgia with her husband.