Workin' for a Livin' (again)

For the past few months I've sent out as many as 40 resumes a week for all sorts of jobs. In that time I've had a total of 4 interviews. None of those interviews panned out. I've been told I have too much experience, too little experience, asked questions about whether I'm "sick all the time" because I've had a transplant, and faced at least one office manager who seemed genuinely surprised a man would want to work in a medical office as something other than a doctor.

HXSPcoverk I'd actually gotten very depressed as our finances continued to suffer. Michael was having trouble finding new students in this economy. After all, when people are having to choose between food, gas and piano lessons, it's the piano lessons that take the cut. He also had entered the "off season" at the kennel where he works part time and they've been cutting back hours.

The past two weeks were really difficult as I tried to figure out how we could juggle bills and pay for the essentials.

Luckily, my dear, darling friend Sandy has been looking out for me. She has spent hours a day searching for jobs and sending them to me. Last week she sent me one for a Surgery Scheduler. I thought it would be a great fit, but honestly didn't hold out a lot of hope after so much disappointment.

They called and asked me to interview with their Coordinator and team members today. I went to the interview thinking of the old song from A Chorus Line, "Hope I Get It".

I arrived at the hospital and the boss met me in the lobby. I immediately felt a warmth from her that was reassuring and there was a little "click" as we walked to the conference room to meet. As I met the girls working in the department I felt even more comfortable and at home with them. We chatted informally for most of the interview about my experience, how they did things, and life in general. I was feeling very confident about the way things were going.

They seemed very impressed by both my computer background as well as my experience in surgery and thought it would be hard to find anyone with those two qualities. I agreed and we parted on very friendly terms. Lee told me they had a "few more people" to interview and I'd hear something by the end of next week. Then she smiled and said, "Well, maybe you'll hear something sooner."

Still, I had my doubts. Sure, I could do the job, but I could also do every other job for which I'd applied. Would they find some small excuse to not hire me? Would I run into that old prejudice against bringing a man into a female workspace? I hoped not, but was still unsure.

I left and stopped by the grocery store to pick up some crackers for Michael to have as a snack at work. Then I went home. I'd been watching TV with Michael for about half and hour and trying not to think about the interview when the phone rang. Michael answered and handed it to me without saying who it was.

"Hello?" I answered and heard, "Hi! We'd really like for you to join our team if you're willing."

Willing? Good Lord, I wanted to ask if I could start tomorrow! Of course, as in any big facility the HR folks have to look at my resume and then come up with a salary package proposal. Then I have to do all the other stuff and attend orientation. But, I've got a job!

Wow, after worrying so much about it, I can't help but be thrilled! It also couldn't be a better fit for my past experience.

So, very shortly I'll be "workin' for a livin'" again!

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