Who Dat?

22-Telephone-Customer-Service For the past several weeks I've noticed a number on my caller ID. It's a 505 area code and says "Imperium MKTING" on the name. I figured it was a telemarketer but am on the Do Not Call List so couldn't figure out what they were doing calling me. They never left a message.

Today, I got another call from them. I picked up the phone to hear a bad connection and some guy yelling "Hello! HELLO!" I hung up and a couple hours again they called again. Same result but this time they hung up after saying "Hello!" several times. Later, another call came in from this company with the same voice.

I decided to try to figure out who this was and what they wanted so I did a Google search and found a very interesting website called "Directory of UnKnown Numbers". This website lists numbers that frequently call people but do not identify themselves. In the listing for this number I found that this is, indeed, a telemarketing firm that works for cable companies, newspapers, and other businesses.

More importantly, I found that dozens of people had reported this same "Hello! Hello!" routine and following the first answer instead of voicemail the frequency increased dramatically to 3 to 10 calls per day, every day. They would call at all hours including weekends and holidays and even call cell phones and business phones.

I filed a complaint with the FTC and the Do Not Call list and blocked the number on my phone.

How interesting. But, I did find the website quite informative and have added a link here on the blog sidebar. So, next time you get a call from one of these numbers and can't figure out who they are, check it out for information and advice on how to stop the intrusion.