Such a Contrast

As I saw photos and read the quotes of participants at the Republican National Convention, I couldn't help but be struck by the contrast between Democrats and Republicans.

Republicans and their propaganda machine, Fox News, likes to label Democrats as "anti-American" yet, I saw more hope and pride in the USA in Denver than I ever saw in St. Paul. McCain and Palin don't talk about the USA they talk about how bad other people are. They don't have a vision for how great our country could be, they just have a vision of how great they can be and how much better they are than average people. 

Even the Republican rank and file seem completely lost when it comes to truly loving the USA. They think patriotism lies in bumper stickers and hating people. They can't fathom a patriotism built on elevating our citizens, improving our nation and insuring that principles of freedom and democracy survive another 200 years. 

Here is the Republican idea of "patriotism". Instead of talking about how they could correct the mess they've made or even taking responsibility for it, they chanted, they carried on and they continually made an "O" sign (a la Village People) trying to say that Barrack Obama had "zero" experience while touting their beauty queen as a foreign policy expert because she lives "near" a border!

In contrast, you saw the Democrats chanting "USA!, USA!, USA!" and waving flags and cheering for visions of hope and opportunity for all. What a difference. Just look at those three GOP boobs looking exactly like what they are: overpriveleged yuppies replete with the party 'uniform' of Brooks Brothers blazers.

Need we say more. Isn't it time for a BIG change and to send this crowd of economic and religious elitists packing?

Here's a photo of REAL, honest to goodness Patriotism and hope for the USA as a whole.