Stairway to Heaven?

This story sounds a little familiar to me:

PHOENIX - Phoenix police say one of their officers shot and wounded a man who had been holding a burglar at gunpoint inside his home.

Sgt. Tommy Thompson says the incident late Wednesday happened as officers responded to a flurry of calls in an east Phoenix neighborhood, about shots fired, a wounded man who acted strangely after being let into a good Samaritan's home and finally, a break-in at a nearby home.

Arriving officers found a screaming woman who had fled the last home with two children while her mate confronted the intruder.

Thompson says officers went inside, ordered everyone out and saw the armed resident coming down a hallway. One officer shot the 35-year-old man several times, but he's expected to survive.

Officers then detained the intruder.

full_team A number of years ago, Michael and I had just moved into a rented house in my hometown. The place needed some fixing up so he was trying to fix the screens on the front windows. A nosey neighbor decided he must be breaking into our own house (in the middle of the afternoon) and called police. By the time they arrived he had finished and come inside and was taking the trash out. I was upstairs in my office working at the computer when I heard a commotion downstairs. I came down to find two city police officers with guns drawn in my back hallway and Michael with two bags of trash looking white as a sheet. As I stepped down one swung his gun in my direction before recognizing me (he was a friend of my niece).

They quickly holstered their guns but, good Lord! Had I been holding a stapler I might have been shot! They didn't announce who they were, just busted through our back door with guns drawn.

Maybe cops spend too much time watching Cops.

As it is, I'm sure that they will explain away their shooting of a homeowner who was doing their job in apprehending a criminal.

Regardless of their rationalization, they shot the poor guy "several times". How does that happen? Does some guy just unload his 9mm clip into someone before being sure of his target?

Ridiculous. At least the cop was such a bad shot he didn't kill the poor guy.