Random Musings...

It's that time of year back east where a little nip creeps into the hot, humid days. The temperature settles down some and every once in awhile you can feel Autumn stealing up on the North wind.

I wondered what that would be like here in Arizona, in the midst of a hot and dry desert. Would I feel a change? Would the lack of my favorite season make me homesick? With no leaves to watch explode in vibrant colors, would I feel that one day is just like another?

Autumn_Midlands Last week was the "end" of the Monsoon, at least according to the weather forecasters. So, we don't have the frequent storms to look forward to now. The humidity has dropped back down around 15% and the skies are blue. But what about my beloved Autumn in Arizona?

Over the past few days the temperature has been in the mid to upper 80's. It climbed to 91 today, but there was a nice breeze. It's not quite the same as back east, but I can feel a very subtle change in the weather. Maybe it's the light. Perhaps no matter where you are when Autumn arrives the light turns a little more golden as though making sure any golden or red leaf is displayed to its fullest potential.

Sure, I won't be shivering during the "Fair Cold Snap" that always seems to arrive in South Carolina round the middle of October. I won't be watching the leaves change color and smelling that special musky perfume that seems to waft up from the earth as they begin to be reclaimed by the earth. There may not be marigolds in vibrant orange and yellow blooming in pots and along sidewalks as though people are determined to hold off the grays and browns of Winter at all costs.

0219081810 But, even in the desert some things will remain constant. The imported pumpkins should begin to make their appearance in a few weeks as the desert dwellers prepare for Halloween. Even here, corn stalks will make their appearances, not as the obvious leftovers from a good Summer crop, but as decorations.

Maybe I'll miss some things, the look of the woods as they turn to a patchwork of color, the surprise of finding a late crop of peanuts to boil, the lazy and cool afternoons reading by the window, or maybe the perpetual fight between Fundamentalist Christians and the rest of us over the meaning of Halloween.

Regardless, this will be my first full Autumn away from the East Coast, it will be interesting to see what it brings here in the Sonoran Desert.