Plant Says Zip It About Zep

Robert Plant, famed lead singer for Led Zeppelin has stated that he will not be touring with the band when he finishes his current gig with Country music diva Allison Kraus.

After their one show reunion last December, speculation of a Zeppelin reunion tour has been hot. Millions of fans registered for tickets in anticipation of the tour even without any official word from the band.

But, Plant says that no tour with him reprising his famous lyrics will happen for at least two years if ever.

Too bad for those of use who never had a chance to see Zep in our youth. I'd love to add at least one live Zeppelin show to my life experiences just as I recently added a live show by CSN this summer.

Oh well, maybe he'll decide to tour with Jimmy in the near future, but I won't hold my breath. I'll just have to be happy listening to the music and catching the various videos of them on YouTube.