Ow, that hurts...

My close friends know that when faced with something completely bizarre I will often say "Ow, it really hurts when my eyes roll completely into the back of my head!"

The news that the GOP's new VP candidate, Sara Palin's teenage daughter is pregnant and unwed is one of those times. Normally, I wouldn't care. After all, it happens all the time. But the eye roll factor comes in because Mrs. Palin is a social conservative (meaning she hates all the right people, is self-righteous, and believes in social Darwinism).

For years the "social conservatives" have forbade the teaching of sex education in our public schools. They have relied on "abstinence" education instead which tells kids to just suck it up and not have sex. No mentions of condoms, no mention of birth control or safe sex. Just cross your legs and keep it in your pants. Of course, every study done shows it is an utter failure, but they keep harping that teaching kids about sex encourages sex while their way prevents unwanted pregnancy and sex.

Wonder, how Mrs. Palin explains her daughter's predicament? She considers it a "private matter" and says her 17 year old daughter will marry her boyfriend and presumed father.

Sure, two 17 year old kids raising a kid in the public eye is a great situation. Wonder why Mrs. Palin's daughter, raised in a "socially conservative" household decided to have pre-marital sex and then has known for 5 months she is pregnant and did not immediately get married in a private ceremony?

Sure, their "abstinence" agenda works. Mrs. Palin's own household shows how well it works. But at least she's not having an abortion. Luckily, Mom is a rich politician and can pay for someone else to handle the tough part of raising a kid as a teenager and her life will probably continue without much of a glitch. Too bad the other victims of Palin's social policies aren't as fortunate.

Obama has said that the situation should be "off limits" as a private matter and he will not comment on it. That's really nice of him. Do you think John McCain or Mrs. Palin would do the same if the situation were reversed? No way. There would be ads all over the place this morning talking about how loose the morals of the Obamas might be. There would be hints on Fox and the other propaganda machines talking about how "here we go again" with loose morals in the White House.

Funny, how things change. As for me, I think it's great that Republicans can't play their hackneyed "moral" card this time. Uh oh, what will they do? If they start hollering about the destruction of family values and morals all anyone has to do is point over at Mrs. Palin and her obviously pregnant unwed teenage daughter and say "really? Do you really want to go there?"

Social conservatism is the pinnacle of hypocrisy. Bill Clinton's affair was a private family matter as well. Did they shut up then?