Minority Report

minority_report It seems that the geniuses at the Department of Homeland Security have moved into the realm of what was formerly science fiction.

They recently unveiled a system designed to "detect hostile thoughts" in large crowded areas. Supposedly, the system will be placed in airports, train stations, and at large stadiums and public venues to "identify" people who may have hostile intent.

The system measures a number of traditional physiological characteristics and responses, much like a polygraph. However, they are able to do it from a distance without the use of wires or physical contact.

The good folks at Homeland Security ran a test where they set up shop at a horse ring. They then coached volunteers on how to "act shifty" and got an 80% accuracy rate.

As one person pointed out they don't say whether that is 80% accuracy in catching those acting "shifty" or 80% accuracy in identifying those who were acting innocently. Regardless, the test itself proves the machine is worthless since all of the people tested were technically "innocent" and were only acting. If they can fool the machine by "acting shifty" then it is possible to fool it by purposely acting normally.

I truly wonder about where this country is headed. We have spent millions developing a completely worthless device that will probably be used solely because of political connections in our corrupt government. The people paying the price will be the American citizens who have to be questioned about the intimate details of their lives, have medical conditions exposed publicly, and face public embarrassment and ridicule because our government has gone crazy.

It's time we stand up and say "I'm mad as Hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"