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Hunting the King Hunting the King by Peter Clenott

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I thoroughly enjoyed this book that was suggested to me through Goodreads by the author, Peter Clenott.

The book follows the exploits of archaeologist, Molly O'Dwyer as she searches for the burial site of the unrisen Jesus Christ amid the deserts of Iraq in the midst of the Iraq War.

O'Dwyer, who has strange dreams of a woman named Hannaniah is driven to find her burial site and believes that Hannaniah is the daughter of Jesus Christ. If she finds her grave, she will also find Jesus' grave as well.

The action develops quickly and continues at a break neck pace throughout the book. A combination of The DaVinci Code and Raiders of the Lost Ark, the story entertains and also manages to ask some interesting questions about religion and politics.

The varying ideologies of the characters bring them into frequent conflict as they search for Jesus of Nazareth beneath the desert sands. From fundamentalist Christians working for the Department of Defense, to Mossad agents, to Islamic Imams, to representatives of the Vatican; each character has a desire not just for the truth but also for what the revelation of that truth will do for his/her beliefs.

In the end, this is a work about the power of belief over truth. After all, as Molly realizes, can she ever prove that the body in the desert is the "real" Jesus? Would she even want to try? For Molly, her faith is powerful and comforting and she is plagued by what the revelation of an unrisen Jesus could do to those whose only comfort is faith.

Well written, fast, and thought provoking with many twists and turns and a dash of paranormal spice, Hunting the King is certainly worth a read!

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  1. The author says many thanks. I can only hope HUNTING is successful and will lead to other books.


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