Hidden Jewel

Michael has a theory that the best Chinese restaurants are the small ones that are run by a family and tucked away from the ritzy areas. So far, he seems to be right.

Recently we had a problem with the battery in our car. We had been down to Bisbee, AZ to check out a site and interview some people for an upcoming investigation. When we got ready to leave after eating lunch at the Bisbee Grille, our car wouldn't start. We got a jump from one of our team members who lived nearby and made it back to Tucson.

chinese food Unfortunately, we couldn't get our car fixed on a Saturday because CarMax is closed on weekends. So, come Monday another person jumped our car off again and we headed to CarMax for help. Of course, they couldn't deal with it without an appointment so they sent us to a local auto parts store.

We ended up at Checker's Auto Parts on the corner of Prince and Oracle. The folks there were very helpful and we got our new battery and were ready to go, almost. Unfortunately, when you replace the battery there is some crazy security system that resets. You have to go through all these steps to make the car crank again. No one could tell us definitively what these steps were. Some said do it one way, some another.

Most agreed that we had to let the car sit for awhile. We finally were told to call a locksmith who should have the answer. We placed the call and they said they'd have to call us back. So, with time to kill and hungry, we decided to try to find something to eat.

We intended to go down the street to Carl's Jr. but saw a little Chinese place on the corner called Panda One. Michael ordered some egg rolls and his favorite Sweet and Sour Soup. He was amazed at the taste and pronounced it the best he'd had in many years, including that at a small Chinese Take Out we frequented in South Carolina.

Plus, unlike the restaurants in South Carolina, they deliver! So, out of a really stressful day we ended up finding a great little restaurant that we'd never have even noticed otherwise.

If you're near Oracle and Prince, check out Panda One, you'll be glad you did!