Google Chrome

I've been trying out Google's new "Chrome" browser for the past 24 hours. I really like the sleek look and I love the speed. After sometimes waiting for what seems days for Firefox to open and decide it's ready to look at a page, Chrome's almost "flash" appearance was welcome.

Pages tend to load much more quickly in Chrome than in Firefox. It also has a sleeker interface which is nice. I know the new version of Firefox looks more streamlined but I only run it on my laptop because my favorite add-ons won't run on the new version. 

I like the fact that when you open a new tab you don't get either a blank screen or your homepage. In Chrome you get a thumbnailed table of your most visited websites. Even if you aren't looking for one of those, it's nicer than being assailed by the blank page in Firefox or waiting for your homepage to load.

One of the greatest features is that if you hit one of those pages so full of of scripts, flash animations, and other assorted fireworks that it causes the page to crash, it won't shut down the whole brower. In Chrome, only the tab affected is closed. It won't freeze the entire browser and force you to shut it down and restart it. That's a major improvement in my book.

Still, after 24 hours, I am missing my good old Firefox apps. I miss looking at my status bar to check the weather. I miss having my Gmail Notifier tell me I've got a new mail. I miss my WOT app that tells me if a new site I'm visiting is trusted or not. I miss 'Super Drag n Go' that allows me to drag a photo with my cursor and save it to my hard drive. I miss being able to subscribe to a site feed with the click of a button. 

Hopefully, Google will begin to catch up very quickly with application development for their brower. I do like it, but if I don't start getting my favorite apps (or better ones) on this browser it will be resigned to the recycle bin.