Dear Gabrielle...

Gabrielle Giffords is the Congressional Representative for my area. She is facing Arizona State Senate President Tim Bee this November.

Recently, they have been airing their ads on local TV and have me confused. (I say that with some irony.) Here is my open letter to Gabrielle Giffords...

Dear Ms. Giffords:

I have recently seen an attack ad by your opponent Tim Bee which says you vote with the Democratic leadership on issues of great importance to the country, including increased funding for George W. Bush's debacle in Iraq. As we all know, limiting his access to funds is the proper course for a Congress trying to reel in a rogue President and possible criminal and murderer.

I saw this commercial and applauded your choice to exercise the power of the purse given to Congress by the Founding Fathers and rein in a criminal enterprise. I made up my mind to support your re-election.

Then, I saw your advertisement that stated you voted against your colleagues in Congress to limit funding and bring our troops home. You pointed out how little you have in common with Democrats and how pro-war you are. In short, you pointed out that you and Tim Bee have no major philosophical differences.

So, now I'm confused. I wanted to support you against a man who illegally rammed through a "ballot initiative" against gay people. I wanted to vote for you because I felt you supported a moderate agenda of social change, economic security, and a return to moral use of force.

Mr. Bee made the point admirably that you were a thoughtful and intelligent person only to have you put out a commercial saying you were the opposite and his political soul mate.

So, why should I vote for either one of you? This is what is wrong with our country today. We have far too many politicians willing to say anything to get elected and to abandon principle in order to insure a return to power.

Ms. Giffords, I was looking for a real Democrat, not a Republican Lite. I guess I'll have to skip that race or write in my old standby, Mickey Mouse.

Your confused constituent,