Am I The Only One?

Am I the only person in America who has a memory? I'm truly beginning to wonder. Maybe the reporters for national news outlets were all born in the past 20 years and never bothered to do any research. That's all I can figure. 

For the past several days I've been reading how Sarah Palin is the "first woman on a major national ticket." Just now this was in the LA Times:
Officials from John McCain's campaign said Tuesday that they had formed a team to ready his new running mate for prime time -- literally -- as she prepares for a nationally televised speech tonight or Thursday and a rollout of her candidacy to be the first woman elected on a national ticket.
The bold and italics are mine.  But, I distinctly remember voting for Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro in 1984 - my first election! I'm sure I'm not hallucinating and she was a real woman, a real candidate, and the VP selection for the Democratic Party. 

What gives with giving this beehived nutjob the distinction of being the "first woman candidate on a national ticket"?  I suppose they might be trying to be deliberately obtuse and mean literally elected, but the phrasing gives the impression that she is the first "candidate." Regardless, they need to clean up their act and make it crystal clear that she's not the "first woman candidate" and if it hadn't been for her party's dirty politics women would have a 25 year head start. 

I'm tired of these people attempting to make it sound like this Stepford Wife/Separtist wacko is somehow breaking new ground.