The Robber Barons Live

A giant company held by a single small family gathers it's employees together and tells them if a certain candidate they don't like is elected President they will all be thrown out of work. In short, vote like we say and work for our candidate or you'll be out on the street come the Wednesday after the election.

Sound like a scene from the Robber Barons of the Gilded Age? You might think so, but this is what is happening right now at Wal-Mart. Employees and managers are being told if Obama is elected they'll be forced to cut jobs and these people stand to be out of work unless John McCain is elected instead. The tacit order - don't vote for Obama and get your butt out and campaign for McCain!

Maybe the best thing that could happen in this country is for Wal-Mart to be outlawed somehow. Their low prices are built on the backs of small business and the taxpayers. Now they're going to insinuate themselves between their employees and the voting booth!