Our Lady of Mary Jane

Here's a novel thought: start a church and use Marijuana as a sacrament. Now, according to all the hands off religion conservatives there should be nothing anyone could do about it, right?

Wrong. The Arizona Court of Appeals ruled that there is no religious right to possess marijuana even if it is used in a sacramental nature in a church. They based their ruling on the theory that Religious Freedom is not Freedom of Action.

They said the state has the power to totally ban possession of the drug because of its known harmful nature.

But the judges left the door open to considering future arguments about the religious freedom to use marijuana.

They said, however, a defendant would have to prove that the drug is not as dangerous as the government suggests, something that did not occur here.
How interesting. The defendant must prove that marijuana is not harmful rather than the state proving beyond reasonable doubt that it is and as anyone can tell you that "evidence" is far from scientific and an example of a result being paid for in advance with grant money.

Yet, here's what I don't understand. Every Sunday morning in churches across the state minors are given alcohol. Supposedly this is a religious rite connected to "Holy Communion". But the strange thing is, alcohol is also harmful, especially to children and Arizona like so many states makes serving alcohol in any quantity to minors a crime.

So, if these guys can't say marijuana is a sacrament how come there aren't priests all over the state rounded up every week for breaking the law?

Guess, this, like all things is a case of not having enough clout. After all, the Roman Catholic church is still in business after flaunting laws against child abuse and molestation for years. We just sort of look the other way on all that.

Hypocrisy... the foundation of religion and its relationship with the law in America.