True Colors... shining through...

With a nod to Cyndi Lauper, McCain has recently been letting his true colors come shining through. Despite his carefully crafted misanthrope persona in the Republican party when McCain is faced with becoming irrelevant in the campaign he resorts to mainstream Republican campaign tactics.

Recently, he has decided that attacking Barack Obama on his record won't win the election. As Obama has met with world leaders and delivered spine tingling speeches McCain has enjoyed sausages with backwoods Republican lapdogs like Lindsey Graham and enjoyed walking around supermarkets. (Thanks Jon Stewart!)

Now, McCain has decided that his only course is to employ the unsavory rhetoric of political spammers by questioning Obama's patriotism.

How sad that McCain values winning an election over sticking to his principles. Interestingly, Obama has not questioned Mr. McCain's sanity (as President Bush did a few years ago). If for no other reason that that, everyone should vote for Obama and leave McCain and the GOP sleaze machine in the dust along with their redneck rabble fans.