Political Support?

Maybe you've noticed the political ad for Barack Obama on the sidebar and wondered if I'm getting back into politics.

The short answer is "no" but recent events have made me decide to take my tacit support for Obama public.

Let's face it, I'm not a big fan of either party really. However, all things being equal the Democrats are much less scary than the Republicans and their big business/theocracy agenda. So, I've been quietly supporting Obama because I like him better than Hillary Clinton whose husband was instrumental in the DOMA and Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

Lately, though, John McCain has show his real colors and begun a Rove helmed, Lee Atwater style smear campaign against Obama. Lately, he's produced ads that equate Obama with Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. He still has his anonymous email spammers sending out emails saying Obama is a muslim and his wife a racist. He has Fox news spouting "Hussein Obama" every two minutes while the gullible masses soak it in. In short, he knows he cannot compete against someone who has some original ideas, is personable, intelligent, and basically doesn't scare puppies and small children with his crypt keeper smile.

In the meantime, Obama has taken the high road and refused to belittle McCain. A very easy task as George W. Bush and Karl Rove can tell you. In 2000 in South Carolina they used some dirty tricks that cost McCain the nomination. Remember the famous "push polling" done when they insinuated that McCain had fathered black children out of wedlock? This accusation ultimately killed McCain in the still tacitly racist and moralist South.

But who spread that rumor on the ground? None other than Charlie Condon, Attorney General for the state of South Carolina. Condon spread the rumor that McCain's adopted Bangladeshi daughter was actually African and that McCain was her biological father and had never married her mother.

Who is now in the employ of John McCain helping to spread similar lies about Barack Obama? None other than Charlie Condon who continues to stir the race pot in the "progressive" South. How could someone hire a man who slandered his own daughter just 8 short years ago? It's a man desperate to win with very fluid morals and very little respect for his own family name.

So, with the toilet swirling direction of John McCain and his Good Ole Boy system, I've decided to actively support Barack Obama. Hopefully, those who profess to be wearying of "smear politics" will now completely abandon McCain and company and send the message that we will no longer stand for this Rove/Atwater style hijack of the political process and the national debate.