The Disingenous Ryan Buell

I do read Ryan Buell's blog. I'm not sure why I read it, but I do. Today he had a post discussing "where we go from here" in the Paranormal Community. It began as a legitimate discussion of groups forming large organizations to share information and assistance but quickly dipped once again to his normal theme in almost every post: justifying the rank religiosity of his group and their show.

Let me be frank and say that I find much of "Paranromal State" to be unpalatable. The pandering to religious beliefs and the reliance on religion first and science second really raises my ire. Beyond this they are one of those groups that always seems to find some horrible negative entity somewhere to validate their own religious beliefs.

Ryan makes a big deal that he has a Pagan on his team as though this will convince us all that his group is not basically a religious rather than scientific organization.

But what always gets me is that he goes back to this argument or rather whine:
It’s somewhat ironic that investigators who spend time trying to document proof of the afterlife, spirits, poltergeists and the demonic are so quick to dismiss spiritual/religious tones. But the bottom line is that there are just as many groups out there who strongly believe that spirituality and paranormal investigation go hand-in-hand."
And of course, that's where the problem lies. Paranormal investigation, if you are seeking to advance the base of knowledge is inherently scientific. This means that you are working from theories and seeking to test those theories to gather data. If you are coming at the whole process with the notion that what you learned in church must be the truth then you begin with a false premise and are seeking only evidence that reinforces that belief. A theory if proved wrong is easily discarded but a religious belief is a bit harder to throw aside even when the evidence may scream otherwise.

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