California Strikes Again

The big news today was California's Supreme Court saying the ban against gay citizens getting married violated the state constitution. Immediately, celebrations popped up everywhere and people started "speechifying" as we'd say in the south.

Meanwhile, here in Arizona the extremely powerful Catholic lobby is once more pushing a constitutional amendment to outlaw equal marriage rights and join the ranks of the homophobic states such as the one I just moved from. Twice so far the ballot measure has failed but the Catholic lobby and their Republican minions bring it up every session and try to get it voted on again. They keep tweaking to make it more and more "acceptable" to the majority by honing the hate speech it includes so everyone is crystal clear that it's just pesky queers they're singling out not good heterosexuals who are just shacking up!

Anyway, it's up again for vote in the Senate here and California's craziness has just added fuel to the fire. Now they are jumping up and down and pointing west crying for everyone to see what those "activist judges" did over there. So, thanks California you probably have bought us another ballot measure and maybe a constitutional ban here in Arizona that will even negate partner benefits by local governments and companies as well as any Domestic Partnerships such as mine.

As for the celebrations - live it up folks. You can bet the constitutional amendment for California is in the works. After all, they passed the law easily that got struck down so the amendment should be fairly easy.

When will people realize the only solution is going to be a national one?