Torch Song

I'm going to depart from my journaling about life in Tucson and revisit my days as a political blogger. So, suck it up and bear with me.

I've been scanning articles on the protests along the Olympic Torch route. France seemed particularly hard due to the vehemence of the protesters. They even tried to extinguish the flame and the torch bearers had to retreat to the safety of a bus. More protests are expected in San Francisco (duh, people... BERKLEY).

Now the IOC is thinking of just canceling the whole thing. Seems they just didn't have any idea that the world was pretty pissed at China for a number of reasons, not the least of which is a systematic policy of genocide for a country they invaded 50 years ago. They just had no clue. Imagine.

Now they've decided the best defense for their idiotic decision to let a nation with zero human rights credibility host the premiere international event is to blame the people speaking out.

"I'm definitely concerned about what has happened in London and in Paris," Rogge said. "I'm deeply saddened by the fact that such an important symbol has been attacked. We recognize the right for people to protest and express their views but it should be non-violent. We are very sad for all the athletes and the people who expected so much from the run and have been spoiled of their joy."

Yes, how sad for all the athletes. Then again, if I were an athlete, I'd be ashamed to be carrying a torch for a country that kills, rapes, and maims spritual people, monks, and nuns. A country that carts the population off to work as slave labor so that their land can be given to the ethnic majority and their factories and mines. Oh, yeah, I'd be really joyous over that.

Sorry, I can't work up sympathy for anyone taking part in this debacle. That goes doubly for the International Olympic Committee who had to be off its rocker to even consider China as a host. Hey guys, what's next, swimming events a GITMO?