I Ain't in South Carolina Anymore

It's not like Arizona joined the human rights revolution and 21st Century like Europe or anything, but they did manage to kill the ubiquitous "constitutional ban" on gay marriage that the Republican morons and Catholic pedophiles trot out over election season.

Seems the good ole boys were trying to pass one here again. The last one failed. According to the local pedophilia information bureau (read Catholic Church) the reason for that was it targed heterosexual couples too. They figured if they only targeted us then it would pass with flying colors. After all, we know that popular votes on human rights always work. Just ask African-Americans how those votes to desegregate and miscegenation went.

Well, it seems that the Democrats in Arizona have a pair, figuratively speaking. Look what happened:

The House gave preliminary approval Thursday by a 28-27 vote to put the question on the November ballot. But that OK came only after Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Phoenix, lined up enough votes to tack on a provision to grant certain rights to unmarried couples living together, whether gay or straight.

That move effectively tied the two issues together as a single ballot question, meaning voters who want to make same-sex weddings unconstitutional would be voting for some constitutional rights for gay couples. A spokesman for House Speaker Jim Weiers, sponsor of HCR 2065, said that is unacceptable and that the Phoenix Republican will now kill his proposal. (Source)
That's something that could never happen in South Carolina because well, there, the only difference between a Democrat and a Republican is that the Democrat can actually get African-Americans to vote for him/her. Otherwise, same thing.

So, the ban is dead for another season and the Catholic church is "reviewing" its options in getting the Republicans to do its bidding in future seasons. Good, luck boys. But maybe y'all should worry more about the roving hands (and other body parts) of your priests and bishops that have bankrupted your diocese in Arizona and less about committed relationships between consenting adults.

Just my opinion....