Faking Out Our Vets to Push Religious Hatred

Seems as though the Republicans don't give a rat's ass about the troops after all. There was a bill in the Arizona Legislature to create a state "Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Day" but at the last minute the Repugs gutted the entire text of the bill and substituted the text for a state constitutional amendment to outlaw equal marriage rights! Yep, they used our vets as a bait and switch political ploy! What a bunch of morons and any military person who would even CONSIDER voting for one after this is out of their minds.

Here's the info!

Now is the time to stop SCR1042!

Statement from Jason Cianciotto, Wingspan Executive Director:

I vividly remember a series of television commercials for a fast food chain that became a pop-culture phenomenon in the 1980s. It featured an adorable elderly woman who, when presented with hamburgers of inferior substance from competitors, would loudly yell, 'Where's the beef?' That phrase took the nation by storm and became synonymous with simply demanding more for your money. As our legislature prepares to vote on yet another anti-marriage measure, I can't help but feel we Arizonans are having our own 'where's the beef?' moment...
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What's Ahead:

Scheduled to be voted on tomorrow (Tuesday) by the Arizona House of Representatives is the amended SCR1042, which states:

1. Marriage


2. The Secretary of State shall submit this proposition to the voters at the next general election as provided by article XXI, Constitution of Arizona.

That's the full text of the amended SCR1042. We defeated Proposition 107 in 2006 and tomorrow the same issue pushed by the same people (The Center for Arizona Policy) is scheduled for another vote. They want this on the ballot in the November general election again!

How did this happen?
SCR 1042, a bill that would have established a Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Day, was amended in the House Judiciary Committee to strike everything and replace it with the marriage amendment language.

Email, fax or call your legislator TODAY to ask, "Where's the beef?" See below for a contact list for the Arizona State House of Representatives.

Email Now: Here's a sample email that you can copy and paste into your email program. (If you don't know your district number or representatives' names click here):

Subject: Oppose SCR 1042 as amended

As your constituent, I am writing to urge you to oppose SCR 1042 as amended, which would put on the ballot another constitutional amendment to define marriage.

The House of Representatives has already addressed this issue during this session, so I ask, "Where's the beef?" It's now time to take care of the business of the people and of the state, and not waste any more time on this divisive issue.

At a time when you and your colleagues in the Legislature are dealing with a budget crisis, you should be able to focus your energy on finding real solutions to real problems. Our families and children deserve more from our tax dollars than the politics of distraction.

As a supporter of equality, I call on you to oppose SCR 1042 as amended.


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