The Beauty of a Warranty

When we bought our car at CarMax in February we decided to get the extended warranty. Since then almost everyone I've talked to has said we were crazy because no matter what went wrong with the car they would find some reason that it didn't fall under the warranty.

Well, for the past few weeks we've been hearing a noise in the car. It sounded like metal rubbing and got louder the longer you had the engine on. We made an appointment with CarMax (nearby our house) to have them check it out.

Michael took it in at 8:30 this morning and they discovered the bearings in the alternator were bad. So, they had to replace the alternator. They had it done by noon and instead of costing over $150 it only cost us $50 (the amount of our warranty deductible) since it is a covered part. That's nice since we're headed to Phoenix this weekend for Paranormal in the Park and need it in working order as well as not having to shell out extra cash right now!

So, guess warranties are good sometimes.