Rain, Snow, and Cold!

I thought I left this weather! After several days in the upper 80's this morning dawned cloudy and cold. In the early afternoon it began raining quite steadily and the sky was very dark.

By four o'clock when we ventured out to the grocery store and to get some supper at Denny's it was in the mid 40's and windy. We couldn't see the Catalina mountains for the thick clouds covering them. To the south we could watch clouds climb over the mountains and bring rain showers across the Santa Cruz river and into Tucson.

Just before we got to Denny's we passed a car on Oracle that was covered in snow. We figured at that point it must be snowing in the mountains. Sure enough when we came out of Denny's and looked back at the mountains the clouds had cleared and the entire range was covered in snow!

Wild weather, but I've heard people say that it's actually snowed further north as late as Easter so, guess it's not too weird. Still, you don't expect rain, cold and snow in the desert really.

At least we don't have to worry about tornadoes like back home. We talked to Joyce yesterday and they were in the midst of terrible storms with tornadoes touching down around Newberry and Prosperity. One home was destroyed according to Joyce and new reports mentioned 4 people injured.

It's supposed to be nice by Tuesday when we go to the baseball game. The temps are supposed to be back into the 70's and mild. That will be nice. Hopefully, the weather will stay nice for our trip to Prescott Valley later in the week. It's usually cooler up there and the last time we went it was in the 50's.