Michael Gets His Piano

Michael's piano arrived a little while ago and he's been playing ever since. The piano is an Essex, which is designed and produced by Steinway. It has a beautiful sound and beautiful cabinet as well. The color he chose was mahogany.
The Tucson Steinway Piano Gallery proved to be a wonderful place to shop for and purchase the piano. Of course, a Steinway or one of their subsidiaries was the only real choice for Michael. John Simon, the owner of the gallery helped immensely in choosing a great instrument and filling us in on the background of both the Essex and Boston brands that are produced by Steinway.

So, Michael is making music once again and I'll have to see if I can pull him off for a little while to run some errands. We still have to take our "Domestic Partnership" registration to City Hall downtown!

Oh well, at least I can enjoy the music again.