Easter in PV

Friday morning we left Tucson headed to Prescott Valley to spend Easter weekend with Michael's family. We arrived in Phoenix after lunch and visited Michael's friend, George, who is recuperating from heart problems at a nursing home. We had a great visit and George is full of life and mischief even at 77 years old!

After Phoenix we headed up to PV. We arrived at Michael's dad's house and had a long chat, looked at picture albums and finally went to bed about one in the morning. The next morning Mr. Koch was up early (as always) and we had breakfast at The Back Burner. The food was terrific.

I realized during breakfast that Michael's dad seems to be coming to terms with things. He was very friendly and we chatted and joked. That's a great feeling after all these years!

After breakfast I met Michael's Uncle Bob who reminded me of a bit more abrasive version of my Great Uncle Elmer. Quite a character. He's an ex-sailor from Millwaukee and was Michael's mom's brother.

We also stopped by to see Michael's new Great-Nephew Julian James Hurtado and his parents, Lori and Robert.

A bit later we picked up Michael's youngest nephew, Max and went out to get his oldest nephew and godson, Peter. We had planned to take Peter shopping for his birthday which was last week. So we drove into Prescott and toured around a bit. Michael took me to Watson Lake, a beautiful area where he used to go swimming and fishing. Unfortunately, the signs say there is no swimming there now. Then we went on into Prescott to see Whiskey Row. It's a charming town and I'm looking forward to going back and spending more time there.

After that we hit the mall with Max and Peter for shoes followed by lunch at In 'n' Out burger. Michael didn't like it too much but the fries were top notch.

Later we dropped off Peter for work and took Max to see Drillbit Taylor at the movies. After the movie we met his sister and dad for supper at Native New Yorker. It was great fun.

After dropping off Michael's dad we went back to his sister Sandy's house to visit and dye Easter eggs. About 12:30 we decided to go back to Mr. Koch's but found that Michael's brother, Bill, had locked us out of the house. So, we drove back to Sandy's and used our air mattress and her couch to crash for the night.

On Sunday we had a cookout with his whole family including his niece, Lori; her husband, Robert; and their new baby, Julian.

Later in the afternoon we headed up to Jerome, in the mountains where we had reservations at a haunted hotel - the Mile High Inn.

Jerome is charming. It's an old mining town that was once dubbed the "Wickedest Town in the West". After many years as almost a ghost town it was rescued in the 70's by hippies and artists and is now a historic town with galleries, saloons, shops, and restaurants. It also has spectacular views across the Verde Valley toward Sedona and Flagstaff.

We had a great supper at the grill downstairs from the hotel then retired for the night to see if we could catch any ghosts. Unfortunately, we didn't see any ghosts but had a great time in a Victorian era hotel!

After our complimentary breakfast (with some of the best pancakes I've had since my Daddy made Sunday breakfast) - we headed down the mountains and through the valley to Sedona. Sedona is known for it's "new age" reputation and there were quite a few stores and shops with those themes but what is most striking are the beautiful red rocks around the town. Gorgeous scenery.

After Sedona we made our way down Interstate 17 to Phoenix and finding George napping decided not to wake him and headed on to Tucson. What a day!

Lots of fun packed into 72 hours!